Suspect nabbed after breaking out of police cells

Posted by Ben Hadley on 2018-02-14 10:18:00 | Views: 12 |

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Suspect nabbed after breaking out of police cells

One of the suspects who allegedly broke out of Mvurwi police cells before fleeing together with his three partners in crime on Sunday night was finally arrested on Monday afternoon.

Investigations by proved that three suspects Phillip Mbewe, Macdonald Nhete and Gift Sangulani connived with a convict Malvin Nyakudya (20), who had been sentenced to two years in jail by Guruve magistrate on Friday but was still under police custody, to break the cells and flee taking advantage of the heavy rains that soaked Mvurwi on the date in question.

However, Phillip Mbewe was tracked and arrested at Kamudhoma farm in Mvurwi by police details who begged for transport from a resident.

The trio Nhete, Sangulani and the notorious Chiweshe thug Nyakudya are still at large.

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