Zimbabwe opposition party appoints white VP

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Zimbabwe opposition party appoints white VP

The Noah Manyika-led Build Zimbabwe Alliance has announced the appointment of William Pilbrough to be the party's vice president as the country hurtles towards the harmonised elections scheduled for July, this year.

Speaking at a press conference held yesterday at Sapes Trust, Manyika said the appointment of Pilbrough, symbolises the death of racism in the country's political sphere.

"Building a country and an economy that will meet the needs of every Zimbabwean can only happen if the full participation of every citizen in deciding the future of the nation and rebuilding it is harnessed. We are a nation of exceptional entrepreneurial talent with significant human capital of all colours and from every tribe, inside and outside of our borders," he said.

Manyika said for two days in November last year, Zimbabweans of all races and tribes came together to demand the resignation of former President Robert Mugabe.

"They painted a picture of the Zimbabwe our leaders have denied us for decades, a Zimbabwe where all citizens are equal and have much to give to each other and their nation," he said.

Giving a brief background on Pilbrough, Manyika said he was born in 1972 in Chinhoyi and is an experienced, hands-on financial executive.

Pilbrough, who told the press that he is into politics full time, said there are a lot of things that have to be right as there is so much disunity in the country.

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