As part of efforts to stop tobacco companies from targeting kids, group launches new global campaign

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As part of efforts to stop tobacco companies from targeting kids, group launches new global campaign

- Tobacco companies targeting kids are being monitored by Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids through its newly launched global campaign

- The newly launched campaign is called Big Tobacco, Tiny Targets, and it is aimed at the world's largest tobacco companies

- The aim is to stop these companies from targeting kids and schools around the world with their products

A new global campaign has been launched by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK) to stop the world's largest tobacco companies from targeting kids and schools in countries around the world.

The campaign, which is called Big Tobacco, Tiny Targets, is aimed at aimed at Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco and other tobacco companies whose products are being systematically promoted and routinely sold to kids around schools, playgrounds and places frequented by young people, Premium Times reports. gathered that through crowdsourcing technology and social media, the campaign empowers citizens across the world to help document tobacco marketing that targets kids.

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Using just a mobile phone, citizens from around the world can take photo of advertisement near schools, playgrounds, and other kid-friendly venues and upload the data to the campaign hub ( The information collected will be used to warn governments and spur them to ban all tobacco marketing.

CTFK's president, Mathew Myers said: “The consistent presence of Philip Morris and British American Tobacco brands prominently displayed and sold next to elementary schools, in country after country, cannot be a coincidence.

“This is clear evidence that these giant tobacco companies are targeting young children near their schools, often in poor countries where laws are weak and the companies think they can get away with this despicable behaviour.

“These companies’ actions show why they can’t be taken seriously when they claim to be responsible entities that are helping to solve the tobacco problem. The targeting of kids near schools leaves no doubt that they’re the main cause of the problem, not the solution.

“Through our new campaign, concerned individuals around the world can take action and shine a light on this tactic by Big Tobacco so that governments, advocates and consumers can stop this deadly activity."

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Meanwhile, previously reported that Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari approved an amendment to the excise duty rates for alcoholic beverages and tobacco that would see the prices of the two sort-after commodities rise with effect from June 4, 2018.

This was contained in a statement released in Abuja on Sunday, March 11, by Kemi Adeosun, the finance minance.

The statement said the new excise duty rates were spread over a three-year period from 2018 to 2020 in order to moderate the impact on prices of the products adding that the regimes followed all-inclusive stakeholder engagements by the tariff technical committee of the finance ministry.

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