Journalist accused of murdering his wife releases screenshot of their last conversation, denies killing her

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Journalist accused of murdering his wife releases screenshot of their last conversation, denies killing her

- A 32-year-old woman reportedly took her own life

- According to sources, her husband's infidelity had pushed her into the fatal act

- Her husband, however, has come out to deny having a hand in her death

Earlier on, reported the news of how a 32-year-old mother of two killed herself. According to reports, her husband has recently moved his mistress into their matrimonial home and this is what is believed to have prompted her action.

The lady's family however, have pointed accusing fingers at the husband whom they alleged had always threatened to kill her. Umukoro Akpobaro, the husband to the late banker has come out to deny these accusations.

In a recent interview with Punch, Umukoro who is a journalist with a broadcast station revealed that he was in good terms with his wife before her death. According to him, Peace had complained to him about some debts which she incurred due to some 'overposting' of funds she made to some customers in the bank.

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He said: ďOne happened in January and the amount was about N100,000. She called me and asked for my help and I sent N50,000 to her. I told her that I would send the balance when another one happened in February. She complained that she was getting tired of the debts,Ē

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According to him, his wife had earlier sent him a message on the social media platform, Whatsapp, asking him to take care of the children, a few hours before the unfortunate incident.

In the screenshot of the chat which he shared, revealed the last words written by his wife, Peace:

"Peace (11: 27am): Migwo, can I get a loan from you or anywhere? To pay N20,000 back monthly; I need N100,000.

Umukoro (12:08am- 12:21pm): Verendo, what happened?

Peace (12:43pm-2:21pm): Nothing. I need the money to clear my debts. Iíll pay back please, every 24th. I donít have anyone to ask. Please assist me. I donít have peace. Iím just managing to keep myself together. You didnít answer me? The problems Iím facing are too much. Please take note. I didnít commit adultery. Ancestors didnít kill me. Iím tired of life. Challenges of life won me. Hence Iím killing myself. Please give me a befitting burial. The gate and door are open. I died as your wife. Bury me well and take care of my kids. Bye.

Umukoro (3:24pm): What is your problem?"

Umukoro further stated that after she didn't respond to the his message, he became alarmed and called her immediately but she didn't pick up. He immediately alerted the neighbours who discovered her unconscious and rushed her to the hospital. She died on the way.

The family of the late banker however are convinced that the husband was responsible for the death of the first class graduate of Accounting of the Delta State University Abraka.

An elder brother of the deceased, Maxwell Johnmark, alleged that Umukoro had once threatened to kill Peace.

He said, ďThe marriage is about 10 years now. When they gave birth to their second child four years ago and the wife was discharged from the hospital on the third day, he practically drove her out of the house. She called my father to come to take her to our family compound. On getting there, my father saw her sitting outside with the newborn baby, who was crying. He felt intimidated because his wife was a first class graduate.Ē

He alleged that on the day the deceased allegedly took Sniper, Umukoro had asked her to come home from work because he wanted to see her. Johnmark also stated that five days after her death, the husband did not visit the family to formally report the incident.

ďThe first thing he did after they confirmed to him that his wife was dead was to go on social media to post their marriage pictures and say that his wife was dead. He said his wife died because of N100,000 that she borrowed from the bank. Can somebody kill herself because of N100,000?

The man had been pushing for a divorce. My sister refused to leave the house because she did not want a divorce. There is the tendency that Umukoro masterminded the death because their children can testify that he had been threatening to kill their mum because she did not want to leave the house,Ē he added.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Andrew Aniamaka, said the matter was being investigated to unravel the real cause of death and the motive.

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