Corrupted Army 'is a reality we must live with,' argues Chinono - nonsense, anything fostered by man be removed by man

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Corrupted Army 'is a reality we must live with,' argues Chinono - nonsense, anything fostered by man be removed by man

There two things one can be certain Hopewell Chinono will do without failure; number one, he will say one thing one minute and then contradict himself the next minute one only to continue with his narrative in which he will put emphasis on one point of view, as if that is the proven historic fact.

Number two, in his spider's web narrative he will consistent distort historic facts to portray Emmerson Mnangagwa as total innocent by stander in the middle of all the chaos, political intrigue and murders that have been going in Zanu PF of the pre-November 2017 coup. The reader is left in no doubt the post-coup Zanu PF led by Mnangagwa is totally different from what went on before, devoid of the corruption, vote rigging, the economic recovery is a certainty, etc., etc.

The national revival of the post-coup era, the new dispensation, is everywhere and as invigorating as the first rains breaking the long drought!

"Here in Zimbabwe, elections have been a concerted fight against the ruling party which has been retaining power through electoral fraud, violence, intimidation and vote buying since 2000. However, these things have been located, characterized and put squarely on Robert Mugabe's door as the Commander in Chief and the man who ran an imperial presidency," wrote Chinono in Nehanda Radio.

"He has been able to do this because he had an efficient team around himself which included those in the current government and G40."

In one sentence Chinono says all the blame for the electoral fraud, etc. must all be laid on "imperial" Mugabe's door. In the very next sentence Chinono tells us it was the "efficient team" around Mugabe that carried out the electoral fraud, violence, etc.

"How will the electorate respond to a Zanu PF without Robert Mugabe is the main question which will soon be addressed by the electorate themselves?" asks Chinono.

"So, the exact outcome of the forthcoming election is unknown yet, more so because the analytical work has been bogged down into partisan narrative and dishonest insights."

Well this must be a rhetorical question since the last thing Chinono told the reader was that Mugabe had a "efficient team" around him and some of the members of the same team are in the "current government" led by President Mnangagwa. The answer is obvious, the "efficient team" will carry out its usual tasks of electoral fraud, violence, etc. as efficiently as before!

It must be added here that the man who has led this "efficient team" of men and women who have carried out the electoral fraud, violence, etc. is none other than Emmerson Mnangagwa himself.

As for whether the "efficient team" could accomplish anything of substance without the "imperial" Mugabe? The very fact that the team very successfully staged the November 2017 coup against Mugabe himself, settles that matter beyond debate!

So, why should the outcome of this year's election result be in any doubt; another landslide victory for Zanu PF! Indeed, Chinono confirms this in his next sentence!

"What is known is that the party to beat is still the ruling Zanu PF because of its power of incumbency and an assortment of state control mechanism such as the military and its state security cousins," he continued.

"These institutions were built out of the party's liberation war structures and they remain loyal to the party first and government thereafter.

"So this is a reality that we will live with until the liberation generation is no longer with us. We can shout and sing all we want about how it's unprofessional, but that is the reality we live with, a reality that manifested itself in all African countries that had liberation movements with military wings."

Zanu PF's corrupting influence on Army, Police and CIO making these key state institutions "loyal to the party first and government thereafter" is the very heart and soul of Zimbabwe's cursed culture of political violence. The Police have turned a blind eye to Zanu PF inspired political violence out of party loyalty and thus putting the party thugs above the law.

Indeed, the Police, Army and CIO have all been actively involved in politically motivated violence making a total mockery of their statutory duties to maintain law and order and defend the people.

Unless the country implements the democratic reforms designed to severe Zanu PF's corrupting influence over not only the security service sector but also of ZEC, Judiciary, etc.; Zimbabwe will never ever end the scourge of electoral fraud and violence and hold free and fair elections.

Hopewell Chinono's suggestion that Zanu PF's corrupting influence over the Army, Police and CIO can be excused on the grounds that "institutions were built out of the party's liberation war structures" must be dismissed with the contempt it rightly deserve. Zimbabwe is not the only nation to emerge from a liberation struggle; other nations done the same and yet they have a competent, effective and none partisan Police force, etc.

President Mnangagwa has promised free, fair and credible elections and yet he has pointedly refused to implement the democratic reforms necessary to ensure free elections.  rigging and Zanu PF's corrupting influence on State institutions like the Police, ZEC, etc. and refusal to implement the democratic reforms designed to end it is inexcusable.

If President Mnangagwa does not have the political will to implement the reforms then he also lacks the vision to see that implementing the reforms is the licence the country has been dying for out of the political and economic hell-hole Zanu PF landed us in. He can be certain of one thing, right now - the nation will find someone with the political will and vision to do the right thing!

If President Mnangagwa does not implement the democratic reforms to ensure free and fair elections then he cannot expect the international community to endorse the process as free and fair. We need the elections declared null and void to clear the deck for a new administration that will implement the democratic reforms, hold free and fair elections and finally get the nation out of this mess!

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