Rejection of Electoral Act amendment: We have received and read Buhari's letter - Senate spokesperson reacts

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Rejection of Electoral Act amendment: We have received and read Buhari's letter - Senate spokesperson reacts

Aliyu Abdullahi who is the spokesperson of the Senate has said that members of the Senate have yet to deliberate on President Muhammadu Buhariís letter rejecting the amendment to the Electoral Act.

Premium Times reports that the Senate spokesperson said he and his collegaues would look into it.

He said: ďIf Iím speaking on behalf of the Senate and the Senate has not discussed an issue, is it fair for me to speak on that?

ďYes the letter has been read and definitely this is not the first time letters coming from Mr. President would be read. Itís just the same normal communication from Mr. President and all communication from Mr. President will definitely go through the same legislative processes. Which means we have received it now, itís for us to look at it.

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ďThe Peace Corps came, the same thing. All of it is going to receive attention and senators and members of House of Reps as the case may be will begin to look at it because itís a document coming to the National Assembly. Remember if we pass a bill for third reading, as long as the House of Reps has a similar thing and theyíve not concurred, we canít start talking about the next stage.

ďSo, what we have here clearly is a letter coming back to us, it has been read, itís going to be approved tomorrow in the votes and proceedings and when it is approved, subsequently if there is going to be any action weíll tell you what the actions are going to be."

The new amendment would have seen the presidential election come last.

It will be recalled that President Buhari on Monday, March 12, in two separate letters addressed to the Senate president Bukola Saraki and speaker of the House of Representatives Yakubu Dogara, rejected the amendment to the Electoral Act, Daily Trust reports. gathered that the president gave three reasons for withholding assent to the Electoral Act Amendment bill which was passed by both chambers of the National Assembly intending to change the country's elections sequence.

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The two presiding officers are expected to read the letters to their colleagues at plenary between Tuesday, March 13 and Thursday, March 15.

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