DStv Eutelsat Star Awards: MultiChoice names in-country winners

Posted by Larry Nwabuoku on 2018-04-17 04:14:00 | Views: 7 |

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DStv Eutelsat Star Awards: MultiChoice names in-country winners

MISS Elah Ajene of Nigeria Tulip International School, Abuja and Prosper Okarike of Graceland International School, Port Harcourt, have been named as in-country winners of the DStv Eutelsat Star Awards competition for 2017.

The awards are part of efforts by MultiChoice to promote science and technology education in Nigeria. The winners were announced after a two-day adjudication process. Ajene emerged winner in the essay category, Okarike emerged winner in the poster category.                Speaking after the judges confirmed the winners, John Ugbe, Managing Director, MultiChoice Nigeria, said the DStv Eutelsat Star Awards are designed to identify and create awareness on satellite technology and its applications within the society.

“MultiChoice, by this award, is encouraging the young ones to challenge themselves and come up with ideas and innovation that will eventually propel our country to desired greatness,” he said.

Mr. Ugbe further explained that the award is meant to inspire innovative thinking among secondary school students in Africa to create awareness on how science and technology could be applied to everyday life and to showcase the many ways that satellites already impact on the development of the African continent.

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