Great ways to announce an engagement on social media

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Great ways to announce an engagement on social media

One of the most exciting moment in one's life is getting married, the happiness that comes with that moment your boyfriend proposes is so elevating.

With the overflowing joy, your immediate focus will be to break the exciting news to your family and friends, for everyone you know to partake in the joy you feel.

As sweet the idea of letting the world know that you're finally hitched, they are best creative ways to share your life most exciting moment with the world on social media.

Below are great and creative ways to announce your engagement on social media.

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1. Take a great photo, making sure the ring is well highlighted.

Yes! This is the traditional way for many ladies who has walked down that path, it never gets out of style.

The ring is the most significant part of an engagement, the image itself sends the idea to anyone who comes across it, so taking a highlighted picture of you wearing a ring, or just your fingers with a ring on it, with a good caption is a great way to announce your engagement on social media.

2. Announce it with a customized T shirts.

The tees are not a bad idea at all, they are less subtle and a great way to let out your message on social media without thinking through all captions that will follow.

A good creative artist can make a simple T shirt with a wonderful inscriptions on it for you and your partner to show that you both has agreed to forever be together.

Inscriptions like, He asked, I said yes, I'm finally hitched, About to be Mrs........, I'm taken etc.. are right messages to show off.

3. Write a short sweet post.

For people who aren't in for the savvy social media life and not keen on posting pictures and going creative for things.

A social media write up isn't a bad idea at all, most times people choose that easy and straight forward method to get to announce their engagement online.

Just make sure the post captures all the endearing moments and it sends out the right emotions to your readers.

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4. Hold a sign.

You and your partner might choose to be extra for your engagement announcement, you both can choose to write an amazing caption on a board letting out the information to the public.

Whether you have a chalkboard, want to print something out, or buy a pre-made sign online, this is one of the top ways to announce your engagement.

Let your creative juices run free and find a witty way to write down the news. Hold the sign, snap a pic, and post away!

5. Post a ring selfie with him.

This one is quite easy and fun, just like the normal selfies you take, cuddle up with your partner in the I am all yours manner, raise your palms showing off your ring finger with the ring popping out, snap snap snap and yes! Everyone knows already that he is yours forever.

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