Illegal mining claims 2 in Niger

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Illegal mining claims 2 in Niger

By Wole Mosadomi

MinnaŚTWO children of the same parents have reportedly died in Tunga Goro area of Minna, Niger State, while on illegal mining for gold.

The area had been declared a no-go area by security agents to stop the illegality and loss of lives.

An eyewitness told Vanguard that the victims, Nasiru and Asmau, were in the cave digging on Sunday, when it started raining heavily.

The duo, according to the eyewitness, were buried alive as the mine caved in.

The cry from one of the victims attracted some people around the site, but before they could be reached, they had suffocated to death.

Later, their lifeless bodies were exhumed and buried immediately.

Contacted, Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Mohammad Abubakar confirmed the story.

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