” I will marry Kiss Daniel , kiss Flavour and  kill Davido” – Chidinma

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” I will marry Kiss Daniel , kiss Flavour and  kill Davido” – Chidinma

In a recent chat with TheNetng, Chidinma was asked to choose who she is going to marry, kiss or kill between Davido , Kiss Daniel and Flavour.She said:

” I will marry Kiss Daniel , kiss Flavour and probably kill Davido”.

When asked to comment about the statement credited to President Muhammadu Buhari stressing that Nigerian youths are lazy, she said:

” It is disrespectful to say Nigerian youths are lazy. We have youths working everyday to survive. Some people using their talent, some others are working so hard. Making that statement is disrespectful, Nigerian youths are not lazy”.

A source recently revealed to Linda Ikeji’s Blog that Kiss Daniel and Chidinma Ekile are an item and that the singers started dating some time this year and are reportedly very much in love with each other.

Chidinma Ekile however addressed the reports in an interview with the Punch but declined to hit the nail on its head adding that fans and Nigerians will know the truth soon.

“I don’t like to speak about my relationship or love life in public. There is nothing to talk about me and Kiss Daniel ; people can say anything they want to say. Whether I am in a relationship with him or not, everyone will get to know later.

“I find it weird that I am always linked to one musician or the other. At times, it takes extra effort for me to convince people that certain reports about me are untrue.”

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