Opposition must open their own private TV station

Posted by Ben Hadley on 2018-05-16 09:57:00 | Views: 12 |

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Opposition must open their own private TV station


I want to say to the Zimbabwean opposition fraternity you will never ever be given a chance to sell your manifestos to the citizens of this country via the ZBC TV or radios. These national broadcasting tools are run and controlled by the ZANU pf and CIOs. If you happen to feature on national television, they will be showing your darkest side to the electorate.

Start your own station which will be on free to air frequency only for this time up to election. ZANU pf does not change it's colours. Even in the days of Robert Mugabe, he promised free and fair elections. Nothing is new.

Use internet and modern technology to spread your msg.
Thank you

Nkomah Isaac

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