Bobrisky Is Getting Married On Sunday! 

Posted by Sonia Whyte on 2018-05-16 18:19:00 | Views: 8 |

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Bobrisky Is Getting Married On Sunday! 

Bobrisky is getting married on Sunday, the Nigerian transvestite revealed in his new post on snapchat.
According to him, he will be getting married to his mysterious ‘bae’ on Sunday, May 20.

The popular transvestite, who has over 20,000 followers on SnapChat, made this known on Thursday.

He apologised to his fans before making the announcement.

Bobrisky wrote: “I am sorry guys bobrisky is getting married on Sunday this is just between i and bea wait for ur bride on Sunday.”

This is the first personal report about the cross-dresser that will be making headlines since his drama with 2018 Big Brother Naija housemate, Nina.

Bobrisky had accused the former housemate, who he has been drumming support for throughout the span of the show, of betraying him.

The pair have, however, settled their differences

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