My childís father wants us back

Posted by Larry Nwabuoku on 2018-06-13 04:59:00 | Views: 16 |

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My childís father wants us back

Dear Bunmi,

Iím a single mother of a two-year-old and Iím 26. Iíve been with my current boyfriend for a year and I love him. Recently, on one of his rare visits to his son, my ex made it clear he would love us to get back again. We were an item for three years.

My fear now is that I might discover I love him more than my current boyfriend. Yet, my ex has two sides Ė heís loving, caring and loads of fun most of the time, but heís also been known to be a skirt chaser and Iím really confused as to what to do.

Can you help?


by e-mail.

Dear Linda,

A woman in love with two men has to be really cautious. Allow yourself to get to know your new man better but encourage your ex to be a caring father to your son. As the months pass, it will become apparent whether he can love unconditionally or not. Just as you once accepted that heíd had sex with other women, so will he need to accept that you continue to have sex with another man whom you met when the two of you broke up. In the end, you may even discover you donít love either of them in a way that will endure. True love is clear on your having no choice but to love a partner completely, with no doubts whatsoever.

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