Nigerians to explore new tech trends, possibilities @ ICTELL expo

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Nigerians to explore new tech trends, possibilities @ ICTELL expo

By Juliet Umeh

IF all that were outlined at the media unveiling of the 2018 ICTEL expo in Lagos recently are to be relied upon, Nigerian business owners and  aspiring entrepreneurs are going to harvest information, inspiration, innovation and optimal brand exposure at 2018 Information Communication Technology Expo, ICTEL Expo. To be hosted by Lagos Chamber of Commerce &Industry, LCCI, it will be a two-day annual event with the theme: Developing Efficiency and Competitiveness in the Digital Age.

Unveiling the Expo, President, LCCI, Mr. Babatunde Ruwase, stated that the event will provide a platform that brings together the key players in the Nigerian information & communication technology sector towards a greater contribution to national economic development. He noted that information and communication technology sector has continued to drive entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable business models in Nigeria and beyond.

“Technology-driven service delivery and mobile payment solutions have transformed the way we do business today. The ICTEL Expo is a veritable platform to explore new technology possibilities and trends. The ICT sector could contribute more to our national development if the needed infrastructure and policies are in place,” he said.

He urged  government and private sector players to explore the public-private partnership model to mobilise needed investments for ICT infrastructure and provide a conducive policy environment where ICT business can thrive. Expressing optimism towards the upcoming event, Mr. Ruwase said the Expo is part of the platform they use to promote ICT in Nigeria. “We all know that ICT is thriving and a way to go now in all aspects of our lives. So, we are trying to bring a lot of awareness and this is the fourth edition that we are going to have. We are going to have a strong collaboration with the relevant ministry at federal and state levels. So, we want to do what we have done last year in a better way,” he added.

Earlier in his welcome address, Chairman, Trade Promotion Board, LCCI, Mr. Gabriel Idahosa, pointed out that there will also be conferences to address the current trends in the ICT sector and an overview of government policies and how business has been impacted by the policies. He said the best practices in ICT regulations would also form a critical part of the discourse at the various scheduled side-events during the Expo.

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