I used to hawk groundnut, wash windscreen in Lagos traffic – Wilfred Ndidi

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I used to hawk groundnut, wash windscreen in Lagos traffic – Wilfred Ndidi

Super Eagles Midfielder, Wilfred Ndidi, has disclosed that he used to hawk groundnut and also wash windshields in Lagos traffic.
The Leicester Football player stated this in an interview with ESPN FC.

Ndidi presently in Russia with the national team for the 2018 World Cup said he hawked different types of fruits and foodstuff ranging from pepper to tomatoes.

“Sometime ago, I was jack of all trade while my mum was selling, I’ll go and hawk for her. I sold different types of fruits and not even only fruit; I sold peppers, tomatoes, I sold groundnuts. Sometimes, they call me ‘omo elepa’. That is groundnut boy.

“And then sometimes, when I finish selling, I go to do a quick one for myself. I go for wiping glass of cars, cleaning and If I see I’m not making money, I can quickly go to buy pure water and start selling there.

“I was really doing so many things but it was okay,” he said.

Ndidi added that the highest he ever earned during his traffic hawking days was N3,000.

“My best, I would say was making N3000. I finished selling so quick. I went to do the wiping thing for myself, just four different things I did in a day.

“I was so happy going home because I was saving to buy my football shoes,” he added.

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