Donald Duke speaks up on presidential ambition, insists Obasanjo is not his sponsor

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Donald Duke speaks up on presidential ambition, insists Obasanjo is not his sponsor

- Donald Duke has declared for presidency in 2019

- Duke has also cleared rumour that Obasanjo is his sponsor

- He claimed he does not have the backing of the past president

The former Cross River state governor and presidential aspirant on Tuesday, June 12, has come out to deny thereports that he is running for presidency with the support of the former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo.

Duke, who spoke to journalists in Lagos, said although he is a close ally of the former president, his presidential ambition is not backed by him.

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He said: “I am not hypocritical. I am close to the former president but he is neither my sponsor nor backup. However, those who come up with this propaganda also go to get the ex-president’s endorsement.

“I will not keep people aside because of what others think. I need everybody’s support but I am running as Duke and nobody’s stooge.

“I will be putting myself up to run. How it pans out is not what I can say."

PAY ATTENTION: Read the news on Nigeria’s #1 news app earlier reported that Duke said he would be a better president judging from what he said were the failings of the current administration.

Duke in an interview with DW Africa, stated that the former governor said the leadership in the country was totally out of tune with the current reality in the nation.

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