Nigerian pastor allegedly rains curses on lady who refused to date him (photos)

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Nigerian pastor allegedly rains curses on lady who refused to date him (photos)

- A Nigerian lady has exposed a pastor who verbally assaulted just because she refused to date him

- The lady also stated that the pastor was dating one of her friends who told her about their relationship

- She shared screenshots of their conversation on her Facebook page

A young Nigerian lady identified as Cynthia Onyinye Okafor has shared a post on Facebook claiming that a pastor insulted her after she refused to date him. The lady alleged that the man rained curses on her.

The young lady identified the pastor as Lucky Emmanuel. According to her, the pastor is also dating one of her friends who had already confided in her about her relationship with the pastor.

Okafor shared a screenshot revealing how the alleged pastor rained curses on her after she told him no.

Nigerian pastor

Nigerian pastor allegedly insults lady who refused to date him Photo source: Facebook user Cynthia Okafor

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In the screenshot, the angry pastor had told the girl that she would have problems finding a husband to marry her.

Nigerian pastor

She identified him as Lucky Emmanuel Photo source: Facebook user Cynthia Okafor

On the Facebook post, she advised people to be careful of where they decide to worship because of how some pastors behave.

Read comments below:

"This is what your pastor sent to me.because he asked me out n I refused..

This guy is dating a friend of mine but he doesn't know we are close and she has told me about him next his in my DM disturbing and wants to be more than a friend..

Is it by force? Useless Man Be careful of where you worship.. some places are shrine.. by the way Mr Man ugly short fool..

See his dried church with two speakers frustrated herbalist.. Thunder both boiled n roasted fire you there. You will have disappointments in your own life too idiot mother f*cker.

I wish all your sisters,cousin, female children set back in their lives. They will keep waiting in their Village without progress idiot using God's name . May God punish you there.

You think husband is my problem in life? I would have marry long ago.i rather be single than talk to an ugly, frustrated,hungry herbalist like you. I will disgrace you mark it."

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Nigerian pastor

Photo source: Facebook user Cynthia Okafor

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