Any man who sleeps with me will become wretched for life - Lady reveals on Facebook (photos)

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Any man who sleeps with me will become wretched for life - Lady reveals on Facebook (photos)

A beautiful Nigerian lady has shocked many on social media after revealing a very weird information about her.

Identified as Queen Lisa Lisa on Facebook, the slay queen took to a group on the social media platform to open up about how she possess some spiritual powers that is capable of absorbing a man’s destiny and blessings.

Lisa revealed that every success and destiny of any man she sleeps with becomes hers, and the victim would remain wretched for life.

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Lisa’s post reads: “Once I sleep with a guy his destiny and success becomes mine and he’ll be wretched for the rest of his life. Temple Queen.

See post below:

Nigerian lady reveals any man who sleeps with her will become wretched forever

However, while her claim is bizarre, many are of the opinion that Lisa may have done the post to create a certain impression of her to every user that may have seen it. Even though no one knows how genuine or real her claim could be, the message is chilling enough to deter Casanovas.

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