M.I Abaga Shares Some Of His Fears

Posted by Mathew Braide on 2018-09-14 07:11:00 | Views: 9 |

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M.I Abaga Shares Some Of His Fears

Since weíre all humans, its expected that we all have our fears. While some bury theirs, others are willing to share what they fear the most.

However, Chocolate City boss, M.I Abaga, has revealed some of his greatest fears on Instagram and failure is one of them.

He also encouraged his fans to share some of their fears on his comment section.

In a little good morning public note, he wrote;†Daily.. Iím afraid of failure.. Iím afraid of abandonment.. I have battled with personal self esteem issues.. people are sometimes afraid until it becomes unbearable. Iím not afraid to share some of my fears with you guys in the hope that it will free someone to share their fears too.. if you have something to share.. letís meet in the comments.

Good morningÖ.

Mr Abaga has been the topic of discussion since the release of his latest body work titled††ďA Study On Self Worth: Yxng DxnzlĒ.†The singer was also topping the album charts at some point.

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