???? Men Caught On Camera Spraying Sniper On Beans To Kill Weevils (Video)

Posted by Sonia Whyte on 2018-11-08 12:18:00 | Views: 10 |

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???? Men Caught On Camera Spraying Sniper On Beans To Kill Weevils (Video)

Some men have been caught on camera spraying the dangerous sniper poisonous insecticide on beans to kill the weevils in them.

A man has shared an alarming video on social media, exposing some beans sellers after he caught them using Sniper as a pesticide to kill weevils in beans.

Sniper is known to be a very dangerous insecticide that should be used outdoors and should never come in contact with food. However, in a bid to make profit, the beans sellers used it to ensure their beans stays weevil-free.

The young man who saw them said he has seen this happen multiple times at Iddo market but they never listen to him whenever he challenges their unscrupulous practice.

He wrote: “Short of words! Snippers as preservatives? I actually saw these a couple of times at iddo market.

“I challenged them severally,but hey am just an individual who is ready to eat clean.

“What we buy from the open market isn’t monitored by any regulatory body here in Nigeria,in short Africa.

“@tinwotorganicfarm do you have beans?

“@opefarms do you have beans ma’am?

“Just sick and tired of all these.

“Growing the little I can at home ,what are you growing?”

Watch the video below:

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