Being single: Challenges and way out

Posted by Larry Nwabuoku on 2018-11-08 16:14:00 | Views: 9 |

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Being single: Challenges and way out

Delay in getting married, just like any other delay in life, can be a very heart- ripping and hope-drenching phase of life, especially in this part of the world. Singles are often pressured from every area to get married and this, in turn, has driven many single persons into wrong or abusive relationships.

The author of this e-book, Becky Olorunpomi, provides a pragmatic, exciting and informative approach into examining the numerous challenges faced by singles in this 21st century and also presents the best ways to handle them.

As a certified relationship/marriage mentor and an alumnus of Daystar Leadership Academy, Becky highlights the effect of society, family, friends, culture, and other factors on the single life with topics like; When Will You Marry?; While Waiting; Is Sexual Desire A Sin?; Understanding The Opposite Sex; ĎOne Chanceí Relationship; Challenges Of The 21st Century Singles; Give Me A Spouse Or Else; Love Versus Lust; and Donít Be Intimidated.

The author also proffers advices on how to enjoy the single life while anticipating the future. She also discusses factors that could negatively affect marriage with topics like Handling Your Mind; All Men Are Not the Same; and Submission.

Day of the distribution of Godís gift (2)

The e-book gives hope, encouragement and reinforces the need for every single person to have unwavering faith, that while walking the uncertain path to a fulfilled married life, God has a plan for his or her life far beyond anything that could ever be imagined. Itís a book for both singles and the married. You can get a copy on Amazon Kindle and

The author of the book, Becky Olorunpomi is a journalist, speaker and certified relationship mentor from The Institute of Marriage and Family Affairs (TIMFA), USA. A graduate of the Daystar Leadership Academy, she is the convener of an annual Singles Summit in Lagos, Nigeria. Becky holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) degree in English and Literary Studies from Kogi State University and a Masterís degree in Mass communication from University of Lagos, Nigeria.

She is passionate about enlightening and empowering youths while giving special attention to the sexually abused. She features on various TV and Radio shows where she shares her expertise on relationship matters with singles and the married alike.

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