Ohakim vs Okorocha: Court orders banks’ reopening as they obey judgment

Posted by Sonia Whyte on 2018-11-08 19:06:00 | Views: 5 |

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Ohakim vs Okorocha: Court orders banks’ reopening as they obey judgment

Four banks sealed by a court in Owerri on Wednesday following their refusal to obey a court judgment have been unsealed .The affected banks are Diamond Bank on Item Street , United Bank for Africa on Mbari Road, First Bank and Union Bank , both on Bank Road.

They were sealed following their failure to obey a garnishee order from the Industrial court of Nigeria in Owerri , which ordered them to comply with its judgment in a suit between a former governor of Imo State, Ikedi Ohakim ; and the incumbent , Rochas Okorocha .

Ohakim had gone to court owing to the failure of his successor , Okorocha , to pay him his entitlements as a former governor of the state .

The court delivered judgement in the plaintiff ’ s favour, but the defendant refused to comply .

Ohakim went back to the court , seeking a garnishee order that would comply banks where Imo Government accounts were domiciled to pay him , which the court granted .

The order was issued in favour of Ohakim , but the affected banks refused to comply with court order , which led to the sealing of the banks .

A source at UBA told our correspondent that his bank had complied with the garnishee order , which led to its unsealing on Wednesday evening .

Another employee of Diamond Bank confided in our correspondent that the bank on Thursday paid the money , which led to its reopening for business immediately .

The employee said , “ We have complied with the garnishee order . We have paid the money. We had no choice . The headquarters ordered us to comply immediately before we lose our customers . ”

When our correspondent visited the affected banks , the facilities were fully in operation .

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