Parirenyatwa ill-treating patients

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Parirenyatwa ill-treating patients

Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals has apologised for ill-treatment of patients that occurred in ward C5.

The incidence saw the complainant posting on social medial, pleading with the First Lady, Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa to help address the problem.

Following the publication of a letter which was addressed to the First Lady, who is the Ambassador of maternal health and child care, Amai Mnangagwa visited ward C5 to establish the concerns raised in the letter.

The Principal Nursing Officer, Dr Lilian Dodzo apologised to the nation on the unfortunate incident and promised to fully investigate the matter.

The First Lady called on hospital staff to uphold values and ethics of their profession.

The Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr Obadiah Moyo said his ministry will put in place mechanism to ensure improved service delivery.

The new government is emphasising on the country attaining an upper middle class by 2030 and improved health delivery system is among key components in achieving this target.

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