C-River community bemoans erosion devastation

Posted by Larry Nwabuoku on 2018-11-19 22:22:00 | Views: 15 |

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C-River community bemoans erosion devastation

By Emma Una
ALABAR—NYA-HASANG community in Calabar Municipal Local Government Area of Cross River State, severely threatened by erosion, has cried out for help after a church and several houses were swept away by gully erosion.

The Clan Head of the community, Ntoe Ekong said this when a group, Sustainable Citizens Participation in Nigeria’s Niger Delta Project,  visited the area.

He stated that the Assemblies of God Church and many buildings have been swept away by gully erosion in the past few years, adding that unless efforts are made to stem the tide, the entire community would be nonexistent in a few years.

He said: ”Our community which is one of the most populated areas in Calabar Municipality has been affected by many disasters and a lot of people have lost their lives here as a result of fire outbreaks, gully erosion, and flooding. If nothing is done soon, the entire place will be swept away.’’

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