Youngest SAN, Tola Atoyebi, 34, was unassuming, focussed – Unilorin lecturers

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Youngest SAN, Tola Atoyebi, 34, was unassuming, focussed – Unilorin lecturers

By Demola Akinyemi

Mr Tola Atoyebi,  SAN, 34 the nation’s youngest senior lawyer as at today, was said to be a very unassuming and a focused student when he was in the University of Ilorin.

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Vanguard gathered that Mr Atoyebi finished his degree programme in Law in 2007 in the university and was called to bar in 2008.

Atoyebi, SAN
*Atoyebi, SAN

Two former Deans in the faculty, Professor Wahab Egbewole, SAN, and Professor Mohammed Akanbi, SAN, his lecturers in their different interviews also said that the outstanding performance of Mr Atoyebi at a prime age was undoubtedly confirmed by the authority of the university in the area of academic excellence.

According to Prof. Egbewole: “I can remember him faintly. I didn’t really know him but I’m sure he was one of my students then.

“It is a good thing that at his age he has attained the exalted status in law profession in Nigeria.

This is also encouraging to the younger ones, particularly our students in the Faculty of Law. It is also a pointer to the fact that anyone with good quality will always excel.

“This development is also an affirmation that all hope is not lost in this country, that we can indeed rely on Nigerian youths for a greater tomorrow.  It is a good thing to know that Tola, a Nigerian and indeed, a lawyer can comfortably stand tall among his contemporaries anywhere in the world.”

Also reacting,  Prof.  Akanbi, SAN, son of the late Justice Mustapha Akanbi, described Mr Atoyebi as a focussed gentleman. He said: “I know him, he was my student. He was a focussed gentleman. He knew what he wanted and he went for it. There are few people in life who could do that.

“He wasn’t distracted at all because he could have been distracted by anything.

We are very happy about the feat particularly in the University of Ilorin,” he said.


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