VACANCY: ZESA and ZERA board members wanted

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VACANCY: ZESA and ZERA board members wanted

The Office of the President and Cabinet is inviting members of the public who are interested in serving as Board members of various State-Owned enterprises to submit their expression of interest.

The OPC said the Ministry of Energy and Power Development is in the process of identifying Board appointments for:

National Oil and Infrastructure Company of Zimbabwe
Finealt Engineering

See the full statement below:

Commenting on the call for board appointments Dominion Advisory Council Directory Sindiso Mazibisa said citizens of Matabeleland and Midlands should apply so that the government fulfils the constitutional provision that compels it to have regional balance in all government appointments.
"I am personally pleading with sons and daughters of this region to make sure they submit their names for consideration. We do not want to see a repeat of the other time where the Ministry of Information appointed a largely Mashonaland board in all SOEs under her."

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