COVER: Johnny Drille Remakes Plantashun Boiz’s “You And I”

Posted by Mathew Braide on 2019-09-09 07:32:00 | Views: 2 |

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COVER: Johnny Drille Remakes Plantashun Boiz’s “You And I”


Back in the days, boy band Plantashun Boiz, graced our radio stations with soft blues and at that time, they were rave of the moment.

A favorite off their album was “You and I”. A love song which could hardly be forgotten.

However, Mavin’s Johnny Drille has refreshed our memories haven made a refix of the song.

Frankly, I think it sound like a new song entirely.

We would not mind the singer releasing a full version of this refix.


PLANTASHUN BOIZ was made up of music legend 2Face Idibia, Faze and Blackface.

The team split up and went solo with Blackface constantly hounding 2Face for intellectual property theft. Nevertheless, the split seems to be favouring only one person, 2face Idibia, who is considered a legend already.

Recently, the singer celebrated #20YearsAKing… which simply means, the singer has reigned for over 20 years.

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